Privacy Policy

A privacy policy is important for our clients as well as for us to make sure that our client’s information remains safe and confidential. Our privacy policies are designed to protect your information during and after the work process.

User Information

We shall collect the following information from you to ensure identification and complete collaboration:

  • Name, Company Name and, your Job Title.
  • Contact information such as phone or telephone numbers, email, or websites.

To have a better understanding of your requirements and to provide you premium service we may require the following information:

  • We shall be using the information mentioned above to advance our services and products.
  • We shall be using the information to get in touch with you to get feedback on our services.
  • We shall use the information to personalize our website consistent with our interests.


We maintain our clients’ trust by keeping their provided information protected. Concerning the prevention of unauthorized access, we have complied with electronic and managerial procedures to guard our client’s information that we gather.

  • We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to ensure maximum security of clients’ information during transmission.
  • We set the industry standard criteria to protect your personal information throughout transmission and receiving. However, no method of transmitting data over the internet is 100% safe; we still ensure security by using commercially standard means to provide comparative security of the information.

3rd Party Sharing

  • Our privacy policy strictly disallows us from sharing your information with third parties.
  • Authors Solution under no circumstances indulges in selling your personal information to third parties.
  • We work with selected credit card processing companies to bill for services. We can guarantee that these companies will never collect or share your personal information for any other purposes.

Use of Cookies

A cookie is a small text file that our server sends to your device when you visit our website. Therefore, cookies allow the server to recognize your browser when you visit the site. Information about your settings will be used in the future to improve our services and ensure secure login. Cookies are provided free of charge through a pop-up window and inform you that they are accurate, insightful, and can only be used with your express consent. Therefore, even if we collect customer IP addresses, we must obtain their consent.

Also, we may use cookies so we can:

  • Track the number of visitors.
  • Figure out how visitors use our website.
  • Save the information users provide for example likings and technical details valuable in the interactions with our website.
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