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Attractive products attract everyone. The cover of a book represents to its readers what’s inside the book, and the cover should be seen as an essential tool, not just to protect and bind the pages of the book. We live in an era of fierce competition for writers, especially now that useless magazines and newspapers have started to get people’s attention. You no longer need big publishers to put books there, and you don’t need their services to make your dreams come true. Many small and medium-sized book writing and publishing agencies provide high-quality services through book writing services, book publishing, editing, and book marketing services.

A well-designed book cover becomes the publisher’s most important marketing asset, and a good book cover design increases prominence and boosts sales. This blog post will convey the atmosphere and theme of the book to attract readers, and most importantly, the top book cover design trends you must follow in 2021. A high-quality book cover design service is the key to the success of a book cover, and the layout, shape, image, color, and format play a key role in integrating design.

Cover Design Trends To Follow In 2021

Use Suspense Ful Images

This year’s book covers are more attractive than ever. Creating a story on the cover of an e-book looks more appealing to readers and pulls it into the book. You cannot distinguish a book from a cover, but you can be sure that you choose things that grab people’s attention.

More Artworks, More Genuineness

The perfect digital design means that all handmade things have a unique nostalgic atmosphere. I don’t know you, but when you look at a hand-drawn image (whether drawn on a graphics tablet or paper), it seems warm and blurry that we’ve felt since we were kids. Perhaps fantasy/science fiction praises cartoons and drawings.

We want to say that even in the most complex photographic works, the magic of illustrations is challenging to imitate. Thus, a book with a hand-illustrated cover can bring a natural feeling and a substantial emotional value. In 2021, the use of images will benefit more authors.

Bold Typography

The design wants us to connect with the fonts immediately. You can see at a glance what is written on the cover of the book. Italics or ancient Gothic fonts are a type of serif font that refers to small lines at the end of the main and horizontal lines of specific character shapes. Some are subtle, and some are very clear and obvious).

The clean, modern font is mainly SANS SERIF, which literally means no serifs. This font is easy to read and attracts readers to the words without disturbing the letters. Capital letters are great news – “inform” readers. They make a statement.

Color Trend

In 2016, it became popular, as if it were an ancient pink trend or so-called. This trend began to penetrate the world of book covers. In 2019, orange and yellow began to emerge, with orange being the most striking color. Then, in 2020, pink, orange, yellow and black were combined in contrasting colors.

In 2021, orange and pink will follow closely, the cyan and blue element will leave a deep impression, and yellow will be the king. From women’s novels to thrillers, yellow is the primary color everywhere. Likewise, the trend in 2021 is precisely the opposite of the black and white covers of recent years. This bet requires impressive and attractive designs, but it is a market way of redefining that bold color and putting a unique title beyond the complex pattern.

Real Photos

These days, you can see many authors are using real-life photos on the book cover. The author uses a picture from black and white to historical and modern, from vibrant colors to sepia. What they usually have similar the daily life’s authentic portrayal. You would not see any type of generic or stock photo on the book cover; in its place, the designers use real photos to connect more to the readers and arouse an instinctual, expressive response.

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